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Your feet are literally carrying you through life, and therefore we have to take care of them in the right way. If you don’t take care of your feet, there can be huge negative consequences on the rest of your body, because the body is so interconnected; just as if you improve the health of your feet it can have dramatic improvements on your posture, and aches and pains in your entire body. As humans, we have a tendency to overlook our feet until we have pain specifically there, but there are massive benefits to our overall health and wellbeing by being proactive.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is very uncommon to spend much time barefoot, and our feet are always squeezed into shoes and socks. High heels also squeeze your toes together and put your foot under stress which causes tension throughout the entire body. We have lost the basic natural movement when walking, of activating the toes by “grabbing into the ground” to be...


Personally, I find having a daily routine very important; there are definitely benefits to having structure in your day-to-day life because having a plan when I wake up in the morning gives me both energy and a purpose. I know some personalities are different here - some people like to go more with the flow, and it is definitely good and nice to have days where you just go with the moment and relax but I feel great with at least a couple of consistent factors in my day.


As I have spent most of my life playing tennis, your whole life is a plan; training blocks are set in advance, what tournaments you play, then what time your match is (give or take a rain delay or two), so what time do you need to warm up etc. However, it was initially difficult when I retired to find that structure and not let the days unproductively get away from me, especially during the complete coronavirus lockdown period. To put some structure back into my days I took the following steps, and hopefully this...



  • Strong training
  • Exciting matches.
  • Great victories
  • Painful defeats
  • Unforgettable moments



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