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Remove Negativity

I like to focus a lot on small daily choices that can be made to make you feel better overall: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Some things we can control in life, some things we cannot. There is negativity in the world that surrounds us, but all we can try to do is focus on ourselves, who we surround ourselves with, and the situations we choose to put ourselves in. If there is less negativity in your day this creates less stress on your mind and body.

Focus on yourself

One of the most important things for me, is to not take things personally from other people that may say something that you don’t like or react when people “talk badly” about someone or something. You need to focus on yourself in this moment, don’t let the negativity drag you down and remember there is a reason why someone is feeling the need to say those things and you don’t need to let them suck your energy. The integral aspect of this is to not judge other people. You must focus on yourself; these thoughts have zero positive effects for you. When you focus on yourself it requires looking truly inside of yourself and what you think and feel, which can sometimes be difficult because it requires self-reflection and may expose a negative habit you have. However, eventually it will bring you on the right path, to ultimately become the best version of yourself.

Something that helps me to focus on myself is getting active; this gets my mind clear and free by doing some yoga, stretching, meditation, or going for a walk-in nature. Being active helps me to feel fresh again and empty all thoughts, not just necessary negative ones and I give myself a sort of blank canvas, for the rest of the day or week :)

Surround yourself with the right people

In life, you must surround yourself with the right people, those that respect and value you as a person and add value to your days. These are people who treat you the way you want to be treated and that you feel good being around because they bring out the best in you.

Honestly, as a former professional athlete, it was very difficult to know in some moments who really cares about you, who is around for the right reasons and ultimately who is just along for the “ride” and the lifestyle. You can only trust your gut, their actions over time, and the energy you feel around people - energy plays a big part for me, short-term people can seem like they bring a lot of positivity, but it wears off, and then when you really pay attention, they are actually very draining or even make you feel “used”.

In the end, through tough situations, you have the opportunity to grow as a human and become stronger, but the biggest benefit of all…it shows you who is truly by your side. Then it will become clear, those who are not, and you will know in your heart they will only bring negativity in the future.

Choose situations wisely

This is really a combination of the first two points, and more of a reminder FROM ME TO YOU that you always have a choice in life which way you want to go. You decide the people you put and keep in your life and then the situations that arise from that (can be both positive and negative). And you also decide whether to focus on yourself or let your thoughts race away, take your negativity out on others, or let others drag you down. Make good choices - it will really make your life much smoother and stress-free.


Personally, I started too late in life, in paying attention to all these things, but it is something that doesn’t take much effect to consciously do. Give it a try, because whether it's in 6 months or even 2- or 5-years’ time, you will see the steps you have already made, the increased awareness you have about different energies, how you have evolved, and last but not least, what is still ahead and “needs to be fixed.”
Finally, to remove negativity in your mind, make sure you wake up every day and remind yourself how beautiful life is, that you get to enjoy another day and take on whatever challenges may come your way with a positive mind.

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