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Pep Talk - Turn “I want” into “I will”

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Have you ever bought that new workout gear with the intention to start working out, but not actually made it past the first session or two? Or stocked up the fridge with healthy food to start that healthy diet kick and then instead said to yourself… “oh I will start on Monday...” and then constantly repeated the same process over and over.

Well, not anymore. You can start today, right at this moment. In this whirlwind world that we live in, there is no perfect moment to start working towards your goal, so why not now?!

Every day is a new opportunity to better yourself professionally, mentally, physically, health-wise, and emotionally. Most of the time it is our own minds that are stopping us from achieving what we would like to. You don’t need new equipment or clothing, or to invest money in anything to start a new positive habit (even though financial investment can be a driving force for some people, and there is nothing wrong with that). You need to invest in yourself, and all that you need is strong self-motivation to start and the willingness to get better. Robin Long, the founder and CEO of Linywell and a Pilates instructor, said it best: “The way to get results and make progress is to get started. It’s not about having all the things, the perfect plan, all the gear, or a clear schedule, it’s about actually taking action.”

The other key to being successful is holding yourself accountable and the best way to do this is to set achievable step-by-step goals, for the short-term that you can keep track of and ultimately that put you on the path for your mid-term and long-term goals. If you haven’t already, you can read my blog about the importance of having a daily routine >> , which hits on daily short-term goals, and at some point, I will also discuss the importance of mid/long-term goals, how they helped my tennis career and also, now after my career is over, to provide structure.

Long story short, you need to take baby steps to make a positive habit change but take that first step forward today and don’t keep waiting for the stars to align. With a positive mindset, a go-getter attitude, self-accountability, self-reflection, and the ability to sometimes be tough on yourself and push back on your “I don’t want to” thoughts, you can achieve whatever you want.

I believe in you; do you believe in you?

JG x

P.s Atomic Habits, by James Clear is a great book, with lots of transferable thoughts and skills that could help kick-start your journey.

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