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20-minute Bodyweight Workout

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What type of workout you do is personal preference and can very much depend on your own lifestyle, how much time you have, what equipment you have access to etc. However, I want to focus here on something that is (hopefully) possible for everyone because it is easy to do, with very little space at home, a small amount of time and all you need is you, and your body weight.
Simple right?! :) 

My advice whilst doing this workout, or any sort of exercise is to monitor your heart rate - you can monitor this with a heart rate monitor or smart watch. This is because there are a variety of different zones that your heart rate can be in, which represent different levels of intensity, all of which have different benefits. You can calculate your maximum heart rate calculation = 220 - your age. For example, I am 34 years old, so my maximum heart rate is 186 beats per minute. 

When you only have a short amount of time, the best use of that time is to do high intensity workouts, where you go as full as possible for a short period of time, and then have small recovery breaks in between. This gets your heart rate up quicker, burns more calories and fat and builds muscle. Here is my recommended starter high intensity workout: 

Body Weight Circuit: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 9 exercises, repeat 4 times.
A good rule of thumb is to try to get your heart at least 70%+ of your maximum (see calculation above) as quickly as possible and then maintain that throughout the workout. 

Cardio to increase heart rate:

1. Mountain climbers
2. High knees
3. Burpees

Lower body strength:

4. Squats: Focus on pushing your knees outwards, bringing your hips back and go as low as you can. 
5. Walking Lunges: Focus on keeping your core stable and lowering your hips towards the ground. 
6. Side Lunge (alternate sides per set): Focus on pushing hips back, keep your core engaged and your chest upright. 

Upper body strength:

7. Push ups (knees on ground if necessary): Focus on keeping your body strong and straight and keep your arms/elbows tucked in. 
8. Tricep dips: Focus on keeping your arms/elbows tucked behind you, and your bum and back close to your support furniture.  
9. Up and Down Plank: Focus on keeping your body stable and minimise the rocking from side to side by keeping your core engaged. 

Take an extended 30 second break and repeat 4 times.

As you progress, you can increase the circuits, the time for each exercise or add weight. 
Note: the correct technique and form is more important than the number of repetitions you complete per round, so if you can watch yourself in the mirror this is a great correction tool.

For short high-intensity workouts like this, your personal goal should be to complete them at least 3 times a week. In an optimal scenario, you should mix this workout (1-2 times a week) with other types of sport and fitness, to reduce repetition stress on the body. 

Working out can be difficult to maintain, especially in the early days when the results might not be apparent and sometimes you need to find internal self-motivation on days when you might not want to. Above all you need to create habits and consistency, and this previous blog about Goal-Setting >> can help you achieve that. Give it a go, try to stick with it and over time you will see the results both physically and mentally for your consistent efforts. 

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