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Hi Everyone,

Welcome back if you were here last month and thanks for stopping by if this is your first time.

I received an overwhelming number of nice comments and support from my first blog, with personal stories and people expressing that they were trying my recipe or just simply enjoyed my insights. My goal is to share my experiences, and if I can help just one person, the blog posts will keep on coming :-)


In this blog, I will discuss:

• My experience at the 2021 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

• A healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, with a simple smoothie recipe


And as always, please pass along if you think a friend or family member would relate to, enjoy, or be helped by any of my content.



Ok…so this first blog post is a long one, so if you only want to read topics that interest you personally, please scroll down to the headed subsections!


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first blog post, I am new to writing so please be kind!


When my manager asked me what I wanted to write about, it was difficult to narrow down specific topics and the only thing I knew for sure is that I wanted it to be honest and reflective so, if one person can relate or be helped by what they read, then I have achieved my goal.


I will try to focus on following themes:

• My Personal reflection: updates with what I am up to, new projects, what I am feeling (both good and bad) etc. for those people that are still interested.

• Healthy & Mindfulness: some advice and tips for what helps me feeling good physically and mentally and at least one healthy recipe every month for you to try.

• Current “hot topics” with a focus on women and sustainability.


This way you know roughly what to expect and if you want to come back or pass it along if you think a friend or family member would relate, they can just skip to the section that interests them the most ;)...



  • Strong training
  • Exciting matches.
  • Great victories
  • Painful defeats
  • Unforgettable moments



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